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Planetary    N/A

N/A 85 min DocumentaryHistory

IMDB: 7.0/10 174 votes


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UK, Canada, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Tanzania, USA, Vietnam


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Planetary presents a stunning visual portrait of our Earth, taking us on a journey across continents: from the African savannah to the Himalayas, and from the heart of Tokyo to the view of our fragile planet from orbit. Through intimate interviews with a diversity of people, from NASA astronauts and environmentalists to philosophers and Tibetan lamas, the film explores our shared future. It suggests that the key to transforming our civilisation lies in an understanding that all life is inseparably interconnected, and that we cannot change the world unless we change the way we see ourselves, our planet, and the wider cosmos we are embedded within.

Planetary (2015)
Planetary (2015)
Planetary (2015)

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