George Wendt

Mommy, I Didn’t Do It (2017) N/A
Mommy, I Didn’t Do It (2017) After finishing law school, Ellen Plainview is looking forward to spending some much needed time with her seventeen-year-old daughter, Julie. But when Julie is charged with the murder of her teacher she was rumored to be having an affair with, Ellen stops at nothing to clear her daughter's name, even when the evidence that seems to point to Julie’s guilt.
IMDB: N/A/10 N/A votes

Mommy, I Didn’t Do It (2017)

Santa Buddies (2009) 4.9
Santa Buddies (2009) When Puppy Paws (the fun-loving son of Santa Paws) gets bored, he finds Budderball on Santa's naughty list and figures he's just the dog to show him how to be an ordinary pup. When the magical Christmas Icicle starts to melt however, and the world begins to forget the true meaning of the season, it's up to Puppy Paws and ...
IMDB: 4.9/10 1,513 votes

Santa Buddies (2009)

Forever Young (1992) 6.2
Forever Young (1992) A 1939 test pilot asks his best friend to use him as a guinea pig for a cryogenics experiment. Daniel McCormick wants to be frozen for a year so that he doesn't have to watch his love lying in a coma. The next thing Daniel knows is that he's been awoken in 1992.
IMDB: 6.2/10 36,504 votes

Forever Young (1992)