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Kuso (2017) IMDb: 5.5
Kuso (2017)

Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, this story is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles's worst earthquake nightmare. Travel between screens and aftershocks into the twisted ......

5.5 Average
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) IMDb: 6.9
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

In the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are special operatives charged with keeping order throughout the human territories. On assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two undertake a mission ......

6.9 Average
The Horse Dancer (2017) IMDb:
The Horse Dancer (2017)

When one of America's most promising young gymnasts, Samantha Wick, is cut from the Olympic team, she decides to follow her dreams of horseback riding by joining a girls horse ......

0 Average
Rescue Under Fire (2017) IMDb: 7.1
Rescue Under Fire (2017)

The crew of a medical helicopter suffers an accident when helping a joint force of USA and United Nations troops under Spanish command division in Afghanistan. The Spanish army has ......

7.1 Average
The Gracefield Incident (2017) IMDb: 5.2
The Gracefield Incident (2017)

In Gracefield, three couples are spending a long weekend in a luxurious cabin when suddenly an uninvited guest in the form of a meteorite, comes crashing the party... ...

5.2 Average
The Lovers (2017) IMDb: 6.3
The Lovers (2017)

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a spark between ......

6.3 Average
Camera Obscura (2017) IMDb: 6.1
Camera Obscura (2017)

A veteran war photographer with PTSD sees imminent deaths in his developed photos, questioning his already fragile sanity and putting the lives of those he loves in danger. ...

6.1 Average
Cop and a Half: New Recruit (2017) IMDb:
Cop and a Half: New Recruit (2017)

In this family-friendly action reboot of the 1993 film, Karina Foley, an ambitious and spunky 12-year-old, inserts herself in a police investigation of the Badge Bandit, led by the grizzled, ......

0 Average
Descendants 2 (2017) IMDb:
Descendants 2 (2017)

When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Mal, she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma, the daughter ......

0 Average
Crazy Lake (2016) IMDb: 5.0
Crazy Lake (2016)

Group of coeds looking for fun at cabin on the lake and find the cabin wasn't always used for rest and relaxation. ...

5 Average
The Girl from the Song (2017) IMDb: 5.9
The Girl from the Song (2017)

A young musician travels to Burning Man, a psychedelic festival in the middle of the Nevada desert, in an attempt to get the impetuous girl he has fallen in love ......

5.9 Average
Death Fighter (2017) IMDb:
Death Fighter (2017)

When an American cop witnesses his mentor's murder in a trade deal gone wrong, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Thailand. But despite the bounty ......

0 Average
Cradle Swapping (2017) IMDb:
Cradle Swapping (2017)

A young couple copes with the mysterious illness of their new baby only later to discover the baby they brought home from the hospital isn't theirs. So who has their ......

0 Average
A Way Back to Mother (2016) IMDb: 6.0
A Way Back to Mother (2016)

There are thousands of orphans around the world because of several reasons such parent's divorce, economic situation, teenage unmarried mother and so on. The director wants to describe emotional changes ......

6 Average
B.C. Butcher (2016) IMDb: 4.5
B.C. Butcher (2016)

When a tribe of cave-women imparts cruel justice on one of their own their fate takes a turn for the worst. After discovering and falling in love with the corpse ......

4.5 Average